So Long Ghosts A Go-Go Toons.. It was fun!

So after 12 years.. I have shut down Ghosts A Go-Go Toons. Ghost A Go-Go was a little animation company I made back in 2000. It started out with just me doing everything, then a few of my friends took part in it. Made a few cartoon videos and online comics. But I feel it’s run it’s course.. It’s time for something new!

This is WHY I love my friends.. This weeks topic: Jodie Foster

I changed the names so their info won’t get out. They are in Bold font.

AF:”So, gentlemen,

 I’m sitting here watching “The Silence of the Lambs” and I wonder if
any of Jodie Foster’s boyfriends (or, ALLEGEDLY, girlfriends) have
ever said to her “Baby, you are so fine I’d attempt a presidential
assassination for you”.

My guess is probably not. But did you see her in “Flight Plan”? No? Me
neither. I don’t think anyone did.

Even money says she plays Kristen Stewart’s mother in a disappointing
rom-com in the next five years.”

AO:”You gotta pull back from that ledge, dude- every time Jodie Foster is
mentioned in an email or a phone call, your name goes on a list at

CT:”Oh Crap, I shouldn’t have said it was a secret. Ahh… it’s too hot today…

Oh crap I just did it too!”

AF:”Paul Ryan’s budget would cut $900 million from the National Jodie Foster Agency.”


Is that the budget set aside for teaching English to people raised by stroke addled parents?

“Skew inda berry!”“


Haha- no they use them as an unbreakable comms cypher a la WWII Navajo radiomen.
“like a tay in dah win, over”

We’re talking about Nell right”


Like a tree in the wind. Copy

Nell. Copy.”

AF:”Oh, dig this:

CT:”Totally unrelated and totally cool. Yea, I am cool.”