Long day….

Ever have one of those days that wouldn’t end and nothing would go right? My day started of fine, woke up and made the kids breakfast. Then my ex came over to take the kids for the day (there’s a story/rant that’s goes with that. But I’ll save that for another time.) So after they left, I started moving their room or their stuff I should say into my room. Then I moved my stuff into their room. Or I can just say we’re trading rooms lol.
Seemed like a easy project… Right? No lol. I didn’t take into account for ALL THE TOYS! So that added another 40 minutes to the project and I still had to clean the carpets. But I ran out of time and had to go to work. Kinda felt bad for the cat, his normal sleeping spot was moved, food was moved as well. Beds everywhere, toys everywhere, everything is changing lol. He spent most of the day under the couch lol.
Once I got to work, that’s where the ”snow ball effect” kicked in. One mistake after another…. Luckily enough I was able to fix them all, just mad at myself because I kept doing it lol. NOOB mistakes too! After all that, I realized I still have all that unfinished work at home to do… So tired lol

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