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March 2013




Leave them alone with family and this is what happens


My sister everyone! Your welcome haha, along with my two little Hobbits.

The Hangover that should have been

That’s my girl!


So Lilly’s homework from school today was.. What begins with “V”? You draw something that begins with “V”lol and what does she draw?? Well a Viking play a violin of course! This is why I love her so much.

Who has two thumbs

And just got The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey? This guy!
Thank you Xbox live

Who here remembers this movie?


And how great it is haha


Kinda feeling at a loss for words.. I’ve never seen Lilly this upset or mad, whatever you want to call it before. She is 5 years old and to see her this frustrated/crying breaks my heart. She keeps telling me she doesn’t want to go to mommy’s anymore. She doesn’t like it there. There are a list of other things she went off on……. My jaw has hit the floor.. I’ve never wanted this kinda life for them. I never thought I would have these conversations with my children. They shouldn’t have to go through this… This isn’t the life I wanted, nor the life I wanted for my kids…. I guess I had this disillusion of the 1950’s relationship/life where everything is on the same level. If there is a problem the both of you will work it out. I thought I had that… This whole thing makes me mad and heart broken. I don’t like seeing my children like this.
But tomorrow is a new day and we can take baby steps. 

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