So as I was picking up my oldest from school. I found this little girl standing in the middle of the parking lot crying and lost. I guess at some point the mom picked up the little girl’s sister, packed her up in the car and drove off…. Yes.. She drove off and left this little girl there. Lucky enough we were in the school parking lot, so we went back to the main office and got her mom’s phone number.
When the mother finally showed up, she had this “whatever” attitude and didn’t say “thank you”or anything. Not even to the main office people. So she grabbed the little girl and walked outside. I then gathered up my kids and started walking out to the car. There I see the mother yelling that the little girl for getting lost.
Last I checked lady… You drove off and left her there! Didn’t have a choice in the matter. Now I’m not one to tell people how to raise their kids. But I know an idiot when I see one and I had to say something.. “Rather than yelling at your child for something she couldn’t control. Maybe you should be telling her that you love her and that your sorry. Make it up to her for YOUR mistake. Step up your game as a parent. If you can’t do that. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and not take it out on your children for your failings.”
I’m just saying, just a thought haha. God I hate people sometimes.

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About Jason Bucky Roberts

Being a product/child of the 80’s, Jason Bucky Roberts was born in California. Being raised on Saturday morning cartoons, watching the rise of gaming consoles and taking part in the never ending war between Apple and PC. Jason as become a mild-mannered blogger & super nerd. Fighting a never-ending battle for fandom, cosplayers, & the Ameri-CON way! Typical social media evangelist. Avid gamer. Professional zombie specialist and a devoted reader. Jason’s current Twitter handle is Jason Bucky Roberts ‏@iRoberts3

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