Kinda feeling at a loss for words.. I’ve never seen Lilly this upset or mad, whatever you want to call it before. She is 5 years old and to see her this frustrated/crying breaks my heart. She keeps telling me she doesn’t want to go to mommy’s anymore. She doesn’t like it there. There are a list of other things she went off on……. My jaw has hit the floor.. I’ve never wanted this kinda life for them. I never thought I would have these conversations with my children. They shouldn’t have to go through this… This isn’t the life I wanted, nor the life I wanted for my kids…. I guess I had this disillusion of the 1950’s relationship/life where everything is on the same level. If there is a problem the both of you will work it out. I thought I had that… This whole thing makes me mad and heart broken. I don’t like seeing my children like this.
But tomorrow is a new day and we can take baby steps. 

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