Little Treasures

So I was going through some old stuff & things and found this little gem.



Sweet! I had forgotten that I pick this up a few years back. Mister Frederick Charles “Freddy” Krueger. This is number 1 of 30,000 made, the plastic wrap was all messed up. So I had to take it out and place it into a new one. But when I took Freddy out I felt a button on him chest! No way he talks?!?! Flipped him over and find the voice box with a on and off switch. Is funny.. When got this figure, I thought it was just a basic doll of Freddy. No where on the package says that he talks. He says 3 things. 1) that classic Freddy laugh 2) “Come to Freddy.” 3) “Ever play skin the cat?” Hearing Robert Englund voice made me feel like a little kid again lol. Growing up had odd hero’s haha, in am 80’s child need I say more?

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