Tabletop Night: We had a small Pandemic It’s a Wonder it didn’t spread Through our Dominion

So this post is about a week late…. I’m sorry… This had been a LONG weekend/week. More good an bad, that a plus! Did start a new relationship!! A quite nerdy thing, not my usual. But nice(Dr. Horrible anyone? Anyone?) No I’m joking tho, she is great in many ways. It’s nice to have a gamer/bookworm/comic-con happy girlfriend! But I’m going off topic here. Sorry HAHA!

We had a fun little Table Top night. I did break my “Wil Wheaton losing steak” with 7 Wonders!! I didn’t build any of the 3 Wonders, instead I just build up my army and won with 62 points! BUT…. Things changed rather quickly HAHA, I kept coming 2nd or 3rd place after that. Well we did win at Pandemic… But I felt that we won to easily. Rather bitter sweet.. But anywho, here are some pictures for eye candy.

IMAG0819 IMAG0820 IMAG0821 IMAG0823 IMAG0824_BURST003 IMAG0826

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