Finally Broke My “Wil Wheaton Curse”

So the other night we (me & my wonderful nerdy girlfriend) had a small TableTop night. We played five different rounds of games and might I add I won 3 of them! Started off with Ticket to Ride: India witch a super fun map. All tho we didn’t play with the rule of occupying onlyContinue reading “Finally Broke My “Wil Wheaton Curse””


criminalwisdom: HOW KIYOSHI IZUMI BUILT THE PSYCH WARD OF THE FUTURE BY DROPPING ACID» To build a better psych ward, a space unshackled from the inhumanity and stigmas of the “insane asylum”, Kiyoshi Izumi would have to immerse himself in their world. He’d have to get on their level, the thinking went, to understand aContinue reading “HOW KIYOSHI IZUMI BUILT THE PSYCH WARD”

Want a Judge Dredd Sequel?

Linked from sciencefictioncom: thecharleswebb: itsgorilla(Kevin Cortez) Want a Judge Dredd Sequel? Sign Here 2000AD, the publisher of the Dredd comic books, has created a petition to help ask Lionsgate and push the idea of a sequel into reality. Click here to sign said petition and make this sequel actually happen! More on &