Just going Through Some of The Spam Here on WordPress


Normally I just check off everything and delete it. But for some odd reason I stopped and read some of the “comments”/Spam to some of my post. I mean a lot of it was the normal spam-ish posts, all tho there were a few that left me going “WTF”. The first one on the list is from “coach-outletonline.blogspot.com” this is not a real Blog. The real one is http://fakeraybansja.wordpress.com “A fine WordPress.com site”, and they left a comment saying simply this:

“oakley commit ladies sunglasses
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Okay, so women tend to be twenty years behind your men; but who

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___ a few. A sunburned man.
the bird and it also spit on me, and so I broke its fretboard, cracked its eggs, along with
N. geometry L. coincide

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.
SAVILLE: You’ve never fucked anyone that you experienced, boy.

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with another environment, say \it main theorem\/ to be numbered being a
“He is YOUR CURRENT god, They are A PERSON’S rules, YOU burn inside Hell! ”
DEAYTON: So were you an experienced wrestler?

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indicators of success in a weight loss program. Caucasian
this he try the stand-on-the-head tip. I thought first off,

[url=http://coach-outletonline.blogspot.com/]coach outlet online[/url]”

The post on which this comment was left is TableTop Night: Got a Ticket down to Africa to Build to look for Wonders and Build some Castles of Burgundy. HAHA Really? Personally you’d think if you were to troll or spam someone, you might want to check on what you posting too. I’m still trying to figure out this line: “He is YOUR CURRENT god, They are A PERSON’S rules, YOU burn inside Hell! ” DEAYTON: So were you an experienced wrestler?” What? You go from trying to sell “oakley sunglasses” to “He is YOUR CURRENT god”. The whole thing jut made me laugh.

NEXT on the list is from http://zwiedzaniebrowaru.pl/pl/index or jodiebeasley@gmail.com and they left a comment on a small paranormal/UFO post I made a long time ago on  Area 51. Now this was an odd little comment:

“The ranch chuckwagon provides you hot dogs, chips, punch and bottled water.

Hollywood is known all over society for its movies, there’s no delay about that.”

What in the world…? Talking about hotdogs to Hollywood society. The thing that kills me that there was link for a sale/add, no product of any kind. Just a random comment with coherent thought what so ever. Well I’m sure I’ll be getting more of these as time goes on haha. Anyone else have an funny and or odd stories from the spam side of things?

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  1. Tämä merkitsee ne varmista, että yksityiset tiedot käsitellään käyttäen korkeinta tasoa ja on koskaan
    anneta mitään kolmansien osapuolien ilman erityistä lupaa .


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