Times Are Hard. But Things Are Looking Up

So it’s 3am, just finished Highlander (greatest movie ever!) and I realized I haven’t written a “real”post in over two weeks. Plus it doesn’t help the interweb was out for a week. The living pay check to check is getting old. I mean I know things are hard for people now a days, jobs are hard to come by, specially in my area of Oregon. But I also look at what I have and feel some what blessed/lucky for what I have. I could be out on the streets with a cardboard sign asking for a hand out.
I have a roof over my head, my kids are healthy with full tummies and clean clothes. Also can’t forget the fat cat (who turned 8 this last month.) But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more, wanting to better myself/life. That brings me into the second week.
I did get the interweb back on and I also asked my girlfriend to move in with me! So we’ve been moving everything in this past week/weekend, I think we’re just about done. Yay! I’m hoping this marks a time for change for the both of us. I know it’s not easy going into a relationship with someone who has kids. Let alone move in with them haha. But things work, we’ve known each other for awhile now and things are just relaxed between us. Plus we work together to meet our goals! Wait what!? Who does that now a days? It’s also nice to see the kids happy 🙂 about everything.
I do have a lot of posts I’ve been planning and setting to the side. Just with everything going on, I haven’t had a moment to myself to sit down and write everything out. I know we have a tabletop night coming up. I hope so, rather over due for one (Care-bear! Make it happen! I know you’re reading this haha)
Off topic, I found this at the store the other day… I had a good laugh at this haha, someone not paying attention or was it just pure laziness?


But at any rate, things are on the up from what they were a year ago. I just hope they keep going that way. At times I feel bad, I’m not use to having someone wanting to help me. So use to doing everything myself, specially when it comes to the kids.
Thanks for reading, again sorry for a random little posts. I have more coming tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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