iPad 3 WiFi iOS 7 Issues


So first off… I’m NOT an Apple user.. I think the last Apple product I used was The Apple IIe.. Yeah, that’s a long time ago… Anywho, my girlfriend has iPad 3 and just updated to iOS7. For a few days it worked fine, till this morning and everything just turned to crap. The WiFi won’t connect, apps wouldn’t run and also screen would get stuck/freeze. Also notice the keyboard was acting buggy and having to tap on the icons more than once.

So I figured why not try a roll back. Right? Seeing how Android and Windows you can roll back through the previous update encase something like this happens. NOPE, come to find out through the Apple forums and other people with the same problem you can’t roll back. Because Apple did away with that in iOS6.


So after reading through everything I tried resetting the network settings(this is the 1st time.) No dice. So made some changes to the DHCP, PPTP & IPSec. Even read some where that the name of the iPad would cause connection problems, like “Jason’s iPad”, you would have to change it to “Jasons iPad”.. I Thought that to be a little silly tho and failed to see how that would make a difference with the overall problems at hand.

So after all that I tried a Reset on Network, Keyboard, Home Screen, Location & Privacy. Still nothing, that’s when I called up Apple. I must say that the customer service was really fast. Like Really fast and nice. Gave her all the info that was needed and what happened to cause the problems. From there she walked me through everything I just did. Still nothing was working.

So then she had me do a Factory Reset on everything. For whatever reason everything works now. Not to sure on what the difference would be from resetting the settings individually or doing all at once. But it work tho. Now she has an update for iOS7.0.2 with bug fixes.. Hmm we’ll see haha.


1) Try resting Network Settings and try reconnecting to the WiFi

2) Try resting Location & Privacy and then try reconnecting to the WiFi

3) If all else fails try doing a reset on everything. *note: you might lose pictures/video & music that has been downloaded to the iPad.

Here are some links that might help you out:






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