End of Things: A Death in The Family

So…. It’s a funny thing about Death. It comes with so much emotion can turn everything upside down. Also pending on the person it can cause a mess of mix emotions.
Today I was informed that my Aunt Linda had passed away this evening….. Now the last time I saw my Aunt was when I was 7 or 8 I believe and now I’m 31.. I feel bad for the family that is around her and I send my condolences. Knowing the family history, I know it’s have not been a easy road for anyone on that side of the family. Having those mixed emotions of caring about that person because they are family and having a dislike for them as a person because of the actions that have taken place…. I know these feels all so well sadly..
It’s odd tho, while my Mother( Jo Anna Chenjeri) was keeping me updated about everything with Aunt. I found myself thinking about the past and what I could remember about my Aunt Linda. In reality a lot of the memories were little clips.. I remember playing at her house in Ojai, CA. and having a box of toys. I remember playing with the dog Sparky in her back yard with both Aunt Linda and Uncle Pat watching me. Haha I remember when she sat me on her lap trying to get me to eat my food. The memory that really stands out was going over to the Ben Franklin Craft store there in town where Linda worked at the time. She would always get me the latest G.I. Joe toy.
I also remember the Thanksgivings that were shared. There was one night at dinner where Nanny(my grandma) and Linda got me to drink butter milk… Yeah that didn’t end well HAHA! Turns out I don’t care much for butter milk and found myself spitting out all over the kitchen floor. Both of them were in tears from laughing so hard. I think the reason behind writing this was to share good memories I have of her, and that it caused a smile on my face. I know I haven’t seen much of the family in years. But what memories I do have were good .. So Tami Langer, Cheryl A. Puckett, Jeremy Puckett my heart goes out to you and rest of the family.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

I picked it up tonight! It came with a poster, a Monster energy bracelet and a Mega Bloks collector series. Plus the Free Fall map DLC code and a 7 day Xbox Live code.



By Jason Bucky Roberts