For All The Doctor Who Fans Out There

So my friend’s wife made a little Doctor Who David Tennant doll. 
When I came over for game night, she was in the middle of making him.  I can’t tell you how many times she pricked her fingers haha.  It was amazing to see the 10th Doctor slowly come to life. I wish I was able to make things like that. 🙂
But sadly the Internet with out fail, had a supply of haters really for her once she posted the Doctor online. Calling her a “fake fan”, telling her “nerds don’t do that kinda stuff.”, “Your a poser your not a nerd.”
WHAT THE F**K PEOPLE! I’m not one for cussing on my site.  But this made me really mad to hear about this. I watched her put the time and hard work, along with the blood & sweat.


Who the hell says,”nerds don’t do that kinda stuff.”? Isn’t that what fandom is all about? Making and sharing things we love with other people who have the same fandoms. I really hate people at times.



But like I said before. It’s the Internet…. Haters are going to hate. They have this need to cut people down, because they themselves are not creative and can’t come up with anything original. To busy living in their parent’s basement, leaching of society.
Aside from all that noise.  You should go over to her Esty and check out what she has up!



Doctor Who doll description:
“The Doctor is here to save us all! Thanks to his glorious return in the 50th Anniversary episode I decided to immortalize the lovely Mr. David Tennant in felt. This is not an official BBC product; it’s strictly fan-made.
He stands at a smidgen over 61/2 inches tall and is 4 inches wide. The entire piece is 100% wool (not including the cotton thread on his coat) that has been needle felted. This means you prod the wool with a barbed needle until it forms the shape you require.
Included in this piece are the Doctor’s 3D timey whimey glasses, a small Adipose ( 1 inch tall), red converse, a removable felt trench coat (hand sewn at the seams not felted),and of course his sonic screwdriver.
Perfect for the home of any Whovian. Allons-y”
Again go over and check it out!

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