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April 2014

Boot Camp Voice Pack to whip you into shape on CoD Ghosts

PlayBack Gaming

On April 22nd Xbox members will get a very cool new DLC pack for Call of Duty Ghosts.

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A little helping hand to stop you becoming Extinct

PlayBack Gaming

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Extinction, Tips to help you stay alive longer

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Clan Wars, Battle Royale, Rosters & Divisions: All the answers you need

PlayBack Gaming

The next Clan War kicks off for Bronze – Platinum Divisions on April 23rd and will be held on the map Dubai, and the next Diamond Division Clan War starts April 26th and will be held on the map Vancouver.

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Upcoming new game mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts

PlayBack Gaming

We have early details on a new game mode that has been found in the files of Ghosts, called Reinforce.

This has been located by the same person who found Drop Zone before it launched and the mode is reportedly a hybrid between Domination and SnR and in order to revive teammates, you must capture Dom points rather than collecting Tags then your team is granted a round win once the entire enemy team has been eliminated OR when your team holds all 3 nodes.

Unfortunately I have no information about when this mode will be being released as yet.


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How times have changed

Stand BY…For Butt Wiggle!

Cute Overload

We’ve seen some crazy kitteh launching here at C.O.- The Circle is a prime purveyor of this.

But watch THIS little guy go. Can U say…”Zoom Zoom?”

And of course, there’s the .GIF.


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Facebook just made its boldest moves yet to become the Google of mobile apps

How a Florida kid’s “stupid app” saved his family’s home and landed him on the main stage at Facebook

Accident Prone Kids and “Goose Egg” on Head

Accident Prone Kids and “Goose Egg” on Head.

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