H.R. Giger You Will Be Missed

H.R. Giger 1940–2014

One of the best artists of all time.. and a personal favorite of mine. H.R. Giger passed away yesterday from injuries he sustained in a fall. He was such a huge influence to artists from every discipline in the dark art realm…

“Giger was born in Chur, Switzerland in 1940, later studying architecture and industrial design at Zurich’s School of Applied Arts. He developed a freehand airbrush painting style that he used to great effect in his “biomechanical” landscape artworks, and was tapped to work on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ambitious, doomed remake of Dune in 1975, but Giger gained a new level of recognition following the publication of his book Necronomicon in 1977. It was that book that inspired Ridley Scott in the pre-production phases of Alien, and Scott hired Giger to produce concept art for the film.” – By Sam Byford @ LINK

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