Nightmare On Elm Street Original V.S. Remake

The original made back in 1984 starring Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger has been a classic in the horror genre for years.  His grotesque humor and classic one liners made for classic Freddy.  I admit I’m partial to the classics as far as horror goes.  The gore and rawness of the make up and effect of the 80s really tends to not be recognized anymore as homemade effects are being replaced by computer animation and digital effects.

I’m not saying I have anything against these either I loved Finding Nemo….. Now you take the remake Freddy isn’t funny anymore but he is actually in some ways frightening which I guess is the idea for the horror genre and maybe I’m just a little twisted because for me horror is usually predicable, and funny, and let’s face it the bloodier the better ….Probably why I like Troma films…. But back to the topic at hand. Which one is better that is the question of the hour? Wes Craven’s original or the remake directed by Samuel Bayer?  Tell me why you think its better or why which one is worse.

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