Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X Sub Machine Gun Weapon Review & Stats



In this blog, I will give you my review for the MTAR-X and what some of my main class setups are for this weapon.

Review: This is the most popular competitive weapon. This is a longer range SMG. Overall this is my favorite smg and great all around.

Pros and cons of the MTAR-X


-Low recoil

-Good at longer ranges


-Low rate of fire

Here are the stats. But this weapon has had some buffs/nerfs. So the stats I will just have to do my best.


Bullets to kill Core 3-4

Bullets to kill hardcore 1-2

Start Damage-40

End Damage- 25

Damage Start Drop off- 15.24 Meters

Damage End Drop off- 20.828 Meters

Reload (Empty Mag) 3.93 Seconds

Reload (Bullets in Magazine) – 3.2 Seconds

Reload Cancel- 1.93 Seconds

Head Shot multiplier 1.4 (One less bullet to kill)

Aim down Sights Time 0.2

Magazine- 38 Bullets


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