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Geek Fallout.

Episode 75?? Yes it is true, this podcast has been renumbered to accurately reflect the true number of episodes that have been done on Geek Fallout. Anyway on this episode Brian Farrell makes his hosting debut on Geek Fallout!! He is joined with Chris, MissM and new GF podcaster Derek Ash. In this episode we have a few minor sound quality issues, hopefully it won’t be too annoying for you the listener.

We discuss geek news and out Top 5 Reboots/Reimagines/Remakes.

This podcast is an RN/GF Podcast Production in association with the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

Call of Duty Weekly Update May 17-May 23



Call of Duty Weekly Update

This blog will cover the last seven day timeline of COD updates and events

May 19, 2014

-New Call of Duty Ghosts personation packs came to X-Box

May 20, 2014

-MW2 and MW3 is now available on Steam

May 21, 2014

-Sledgehammer games on the new Advanced Warfare audio engine GameInformer interview

Here is the interview

May 22, 2014

-New Call of Duty Ghosts DLC personalization packs available on PlayStation/PC

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Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X Sub Machine Gun Weapon Review & Stats



In this blog, I will give you my review for the MTAR-X and what some of my main class setups are for this weapon.

Review: This is the most popular competitive weapon. This is a longer range SMG. Overall this is my favorite smg and great all around.

Pros and cons of the MTAR-X


-Low recoil

-Good at longer ranges


-Low rate of fire

Here are the stats. But this weapon has had some buffs/nerfs. So the stats I will just have to do my best.


Bullets to kill Core 3-4

Bullets to kill hardcore 1-2

Start Damage-40

End Damage- 25

Damage Start Drop off- 15.24 Meters

Damage End Drop off- 20.828 Meters

Reload (Empty Mag) 3.93 Seconds

Reload (Bullets in Magazine) – 3.2 Seconds

Reload Cancel- 1.93 Seconds

Head Shot multiplier 1.4 (One less bullet to kill)

Aim down Sights Time 0.2

Magazine- 38 Bullets


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Nightmare On Elm Street Original V.S. Remake

The original made back in 1984 starring Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger has been a classic in the horror genre for years.  His grotesque humor and classic one liners made for classic Freddy.  I admit I’m partial to the classics as far as horror goes.  The gore and rawness of the make up and effect of the 80s really tends to not be recognized anymore as homemade effects are being replaced by computer animation and digital effects.

I’m not saying I have anything against these either I loved Finding Nemo….. Now you take the remake Freddy isn’t funny anymore but he is actually in some ways frightening which I guess is the idea for the horror genre and maybe I’m just a little twisted because for me horror is usually predicable, and funny, and let’s face it the bloodier the better ….Probably why I like Troma films…. But back to the topic at hand. Which one is better that is the question of the hour? Wes Craven’s original or the remake directed by Samuel Bayer?  Tell me why you think its better or why which one is worse.