Supreme Court Issues Anti-Women and Anti-Union Rulings

Haven’t posted things like this in a long time. I use be more active in these matters, don’t really know what happened there. But I saw this and had to put my two cents into it. These needs to be stopped! The world is changing, people are changing. Personally I believe there is no more room for hate! Plus what ever happened to separation of church and state? It seems to me that they are basing these laws on their own personal beliefs or whatever relationship they have with an organized religion.

Supreme Court decisions attacking unions and allowing corporations to undermine women’s healthcare choices are absolutely terrible, but we can take immediate action to stop right-wing judges. Two right-wingers are slowly making their way through the judicial nomination and confirmation process even though Democrats control both the White House and the Senate.



The first person we have to stop is Michael Boggs. President Obama cut a deal with Georgia’s two Republican senators to nominate Boggs—a right-wing activist judge who is anti-choice, anti-civil rights and anti-marriage equality—in exchange for those two senators dropping their opposition to other nominees. This is unacceptable. Not only should a Democratic president never, ever be nominating someone like Boggs to serve on the federal bench, but after we won filibuster reform last November Democrats no longer have to make these kinds of deals in order to get anyone confirmed.

The second person we have to stop is Ward Armstrong, who voted to end the Affordable Care Act, supported allowing handguns in bars, voted to close Virginia’s abortion clinics and supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Virginia’s two Democratic U.S. senators have recommended that President Obama nominate Armstrong for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. No, no, no, no, no:

We can’t reverse these bad decisions overnight, but we can stand up today and tell the Democratic Party not to make things even worse. Today we say NO MORE.

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