Assignment From The League: Hake’s Auction!

  This week’s assignment we were given permission to reproduce any of Hake’s American & Collectibles images on our blogs! So with amazing photos of pop culture collectibles  at Hake’s American & Collectibles we’re helping them  kicking off their latest auction today (June 24).  Hake’s will select one participating blog from this assignment to WIN $100 to use in this auction or in a future one! ItemContinue reading “Assignment From The League: Hake’s Auction!”


  Geek Fallout. Episode 80 is released BEFORE 79?? Due to some technical difficulties this week that is exactly what is happening. On this mountain sized episode Jeff Brown returns to direct the ‘Game of Thrones’ discussion with Chris Lockhart, Chris Gaida and Derek Ash. We discuss the current season, the books and everything inContinue reading “Geek Fallout EP #80: GAME OF THRONES DISCUSSION (MOUNTAIN SIZED EDITION)”


I graduated high school on June 7th, 2014. As a graduation present, I’m going to Vans Warped Tour in Portland on June 29th! My brother, the blogger behind Nerdy Life Of Mine, Jason is going to go with me as well, I’m so excited! I get to hang out with my brother, go to myContinue reading “2014 VANS WARPED TOUR!!!”

Podcast: Trek1701 Ep #17: Spock Days Hangover & ‘Enterprise’ Discussion

  Trek1701. Chris is joined on the podcast line with Jason Roberts and Carly Vore (Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes). On this episode Chris recounts this past weekend spent in Vulcan, Alberta at ‘Spock Days’. Then we discuss the Star Trek: Enterprise series. If you want to check out some pics from ‘Spock Days’Continue reading “Podcast: Trek1701 Ep #17: Spock Days Hangover & ‘Enterprise’ Discussion”

Call of Duty Ghosts MR-28 Marksman Rifle Weapon Review & Statics

Originally posted on Gaminginthehood:
In this blog, I will give you my review for the MR-28 and what some of my main class setups are for this weapon. ? Review: This is a great weapon for medium range encounters. This is the most popular Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty Ghosts. I typically use this weapon with…