Humanities Conversation Project: Beyond Human?


Humanities Conversation Project: Beyond Human? Science, Technology, and the Future of Human Nature, Prakash Chenjeri


“Throughout history, religious scholars and philosophers have debated what makes humans unique in the animal kingdom. More recently, evolutionary biologists and cognitive scientists have contributed new thinking to our ideas about human nature. Has the essence of what it is to be human shifted over time? How might science and technology—such as recent rapid advances in bioengineering and other fields— challenge and reshape our understanding of what it means to be human? Prakash Chenjeri, an associate professor of philosophy at Southern Oregon University, will lead participants in a thoughtful conversation about these questions and more.”

Whiteside Theatre, Southwest Madison Avenue, Corvallis, OR, United States
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Come and check it out!! It’s only $2.00

Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #39: Golden Girls Discussion



Random Nerdness Podcast. Chris is joined on the podcast with his sister Bri, MissM and Brian Farrell. This episode begins with a ‘Douchebag of the week’ segment then we have a full out discussion on the great TV series ‘Golden Girls’.

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Geek Fallout EP# 78: HE-MAN MOVIE CASTING!!



Geek Fallout. On this episode of Geek Fallout MissM hosts with Chris Lockhart, Brian Farrell and Derek Ash joining her. We discuss geek news headlines then we delve into one of the most epic ‘Top 5’s’ we have ever done: Actors who we would want to be cast in a Masters Of The Universe movie.

This podcast is an RN/GF Podcast Production in association wit the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!”


A little late on the draw there for this post. 😦

Couldn’t decide on what I wanted to post or if I wanted to take part in this week’s assignment. But I  figure why not! Lot of people don’t know or realize that I’m actually a graphic artist/cartoonist. Although I haven’t done anything in over 54 or 5 years now. But I figured I’d post some of my pictures that I’ve done with computer graphics and or cartoons that I’ve done in the past. Who knows it might get me drawing again! At any rate, I hope you enjoy and don’t be too harsh with the comments haha. 🙂

7128_162258006838_2645078_n 7128_162258016838_4698565_n 7128_162258141838_7728209_n 7128_162258161838_1872150_n 7128_162258181838_7452342_n 7128_162258246838_7496164_n 7128_162258256838_668462_n 24973_251717241838_3144670_n 30198_390698106838_2877607_n 188389_10150271156441839_2757414_n 216987_10150270892441839_5486119_n 264104_10150219805496839_2213028_n 264491_10150245584936839_724178_n 281944_10150258308136839_3778694_n

So like I said before. I hope you enjoy this “Look what I made!” post!


A Sad Day When The Imagination Dies


Today in the News I found out that Rik Mayall had pasted away.  Drop Dead Fred was a huge influence in my life with the brand of humor and a reminded how we see things as a child. Also with out a doubt a childhood favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watch this movie. 😦

Rik Mayall, star of The Young Ones, dies aged 56

“He played the obnoxious, poetry-writing anarchist Rick in The Young Ones alongside his friend Adrian Edmondson. The duo later went on to star in the sitcom Bottom. A pioneer of the 1980s alternative comedy scene, Mayall also appeared in Blackadder and The New Statesman.”