Humanities Conversation Project: Beyond Human?

Humanities Conversation Project: Beyond Human? Science, Technology, and the Future of Human Nature, Prakash Chenjeri “Throughout history, religious scholars and philosophers have debated what makes humans unique in the animal kingdom. More recently, evolutionary biologists and cognitive scientists have contributed new thinking to our ideas about human nature. Has the essence of what it isContinue reading “Humanities Conversation Project: Beyond Human?”

Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #39: Golden Girls Discussion

Random Nerdness Podcast. Chris is joined on the podcast with his sister Bri, MissM and Brian Farrell. This episode begins with a ‘Douchebag of the week’ segment then we have a full out discussion on the great TV series ‘Golden Girls’. This podcast is an RN/GF Podcast Production in association with the Atomic Geeks PodcastContinue reading “Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #39: Golden Girls Discussion”

Geek Fallout EP# 78: HE-MAN MOVIE CASTING!!

  Geek Fallout. On this episode of Geek Fallout MissM hosts with Chris Lockhart, Brian Farrell and Derek Ash joining her. We discuss geek news headlines then we delve into one of the most epic ‘Top 5’s’ we have ever done: Actors who we would want to be cast in a Masters Of The UniverseContinue reading “Geek Fallout EP# 78: HE-MAN MOVIE CASTING!!”

Trek1701 Ep #16: Discussion on The Doctor (Robert Picardo)

  Trek1701. On this episode we are discussing the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager (Robert Picardo). Put this podcast in your ears and enjoy! This podcast is an RN/GF Podcast Production in association with the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!”

A little late on the draw there for this post. 😦 Couldn’t decide on what I wanted to post or if I wanted to take part in this week’s assignment. But I  figure why not! Lot of people don’t know or realize that I’m actually a graphic artist/cartoonist. Although I haven’t done anything in over 54 or 5 years now.Continue reading “This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!””

A Sad Day When The Imagination Dies

Today in the News I found out that Rik Mayall had pasted away.  Drop Dead Fred was a huge influence in my life with the brand of humor and a reminded how we see things as a child. Also with out a doubt a childhood favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watch this movie. 😦Continue reading “A Sad Day When The Imagination Dies”