Assignment from The League: The Apocalypse & History Lesson

So this week’s blog assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers’ was the topic of the Apocalypse…
Now being the nerd that I am, the first thing I thought of was X-Men’s character Apocalypse..


After laughing a little bit, sat back for moments to rethink. Second nerd problem: thought of the TV show Supernatural and how many times that show came so close the apocalypse.


Okay sitting back again trying to be a lil bit more serious. Third nerd problem: I thought of the TV show The X Files.


So that’s what my struggle and  in the more rational side of my brain was trying to figure out the religious views or whatever scientific outline you can have with the apocalypse. I kept trying to think of the signs from biblical writings about the apocalypse like: boiling oceans,  raining fire, the four horsemen, ETC. But I find myself thinking about The Walking Dead and even Doctor Who.


So with the power of Google and my history books I sat down to do some researching. Every religion and cult has their own views on how the apocalypse is going to go down. I mean the ending is always the same. But the the events and the times they start are always different. For example the cult Heaven’s Gate. For those who don’t know in about the 1970s Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles came to a conclusion or they say witnessed 11th chapter in the Book of Revelations. So they started preaching and recruiting followers ranging from Oregon all through out California and some of the other surrounding states, about the apocalyptic prophecies and what their salvation could be.

So they believe the way for salvation was supposed to transform bodies in a cocoon like state to be taken by a spaceship and the bodies can be taken to heaven. The group was called “Human Individuals Metamorphosis”. Later they changed it to “Total Overcomers Anonymous”, till finally coming out with Heaven’s Gate in the 1990s. Applegate wanted to purge them of any emotions or just any type of sexual identity that they had, also like the wear long loose fitting robes. The cult itself from got up to about 60 members, it wasn’t 1993 where the group got his popularity do to the Internet’s help spread the word. In 1997 the Hale-Bopp Comet , came in and there was rumors of a UFO that was going to traveling behind it. The group took the rumors very seriously and became convinced that this was their “salvation”. In 1997, 39 members were found dead by apparent suicide in preparation for the transition into heaven.

Another odd group is the Manson Family. Charlie Manson followed some of the teachings from Satanism and also Scientology which both have their ideas as to why the apocalypse might happen. I mean there’s a whole list of doomsday cults out there. Like the Peoples Temple aka Jonestown that either killed themselves or they killed others with the grand total of 914 death. Other one called Solar Temple that was a fusion of a few groups like the Roman Catholic Church  and New Age beliefs. Between 1995-97 combination numbers murder/suicide 74 people.
Personally I think apocalypse is what we make. There has been no signs or anything from the Bible or whatever religious book you follow. So far every mass death was caused by some crazy cult or differences between the human race.

But that’s enough of me getting on my soap box….. So here is a picture of Captain Kirk and Spock slapping each other.





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