Star Beings: The Introduction of a Contactee



Star beings.


Space Invaders.


Whatever you call them, they have been a subject of mystery to humans for many years.  There are many people that speak of the abundance of different races and faces of theses beings, myself being one of those people.  You can easily go onto various video sharing sites and find (countless) “actual” footage, that is almost always shot from a grainy camera or from a far distance.  The likelihood of their existence seems to shrink after seeing fishing wire attached to a UFO in some video claiming to be proof.

Does that mean they do not exist?  It most definitely does not mean that.  All it means is that some people become so desperate about wanting to have experiences with ET’s, that they will go above and beyond to prove that they have.  Even if that means driving out to a desert area, remote control helicopter/makeshift UFO in tow to get a good shot before 9pm so, they can still upload it before midnight.

Believer or not, you must admit that aliens are quite a fascinating subject to discuss.  One side says aliens don’t exist and that we are the only intelligent life in the entire damn universe.  The other side says “Are you kidding me?”  Humans as the most intelligent life in the whole wide universe?  That would be a shame.  Humans are incredibly primitive if you ask me, like cavemen 2.0.


Why Am I A Believer?

I will confess with 100% honesty that I have seen multiple UFO’s in my short lifetime and have had minimal (that I can remember) contact with actual non-earth beings.  I had a weird fascination with them as a child and drew them all the time but, any form of contact didn’t really start until I was thirteen years old and they started marking me (more on that another time).  From then on, I started having more unusual experiences.  I didn’t see any UFO’s until I was in my early twenties though and it became a daily occurrence for a while.  Have I ever gotten them on camera? No.  Have I tried? Yes, a few times.  It just never seems like I’m looking at the sky and have my camera ready at the same time.


My First Experience With A UFO:

I was 22 and in the kitchen, when I stopped what I was doing to look out the window at the birds that were always a little too noisy for me. I happen to look away from the tree I was staring at and into the sky, where I saw a disc like craft hovering in the sky.  I could see through the top part of it, which was domed and the bottom part just looked like a large metal disc with smaller discs that when around it.  I remember my jaw dropping as it calmly hovered there and then kind of just floated away but, disappearing even more as it moved.

Now, I know that’s not the most exciting/shocking time but, it was my first time seeing one and at the point it was pretty shocking to me.  I didn’t know what the future had in store though and that I would learn so much since then.


While my experiences are my own and I will get more and more into them as time passes, I do not expect to turn a non-believer into a believer.  I don’t even expect to make other believers believe me but, I will and can say this:


We are not alone.



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