Geek Fallout Ep #93: X-Files Discussion on the ‘Conspiracy Episodes’.

X Files

Geek Fallout.

Chris Lockhart is in the hosting chair joined by Derek Ash, Jason Roberts, Joseph Harvey and TAG Network Podfather Mike Downs (from The Atomic Geeks podcast). The episode will break down like this:

– X-Files: When did we start watching and what are our earliest memories?

– The Cast: Discussion on Mulder, Scully and Smoking Man

– The Conspiracy: We break down the main points about the mythology/conspiracy

– The Conspiracy Episodes: Best and most memorable.

This is part one of a three part Geek Fallout Discussion on the TV series ‘The X-Files’. (Part 2 will be in October and Part 3 will be in November).

The truth is out there!

X Files

Found This Little Guy Hanging Out

So when I went to the library the other day.  I wad looking around for some books for my little Hobbits. Then I happened to look up and see him!


I want him so bad! I kinda want to go back to the library and make an offer. Hmm I thinking I will….. Will update this story soon.

For All Your Poop Needs

Yes…. You read that correctly. So earlier tonight we were picking up some baking good and then thought we’d walk around. 
Then Carly found these…..




Why? Why in the world would you make something like this? You can even make little bits of corn to put into the poop. Why? It wasn’t even in a joke section, it was in with the normal toy section with Transformers and Spider-Man haha. Why?