My so called blogging life: Chris’s Story

Geek Fallout

So I actually started blogging on Facebook back in May 2009. Fall 2011
I decided to branch out and do my blog elsewhere in the hopes of
getting more people reading my random thoughts on life, pop culture,
Star Trek, comic books, etc. So I found ‘Blogspot’ and started
blogging there under the ‘Random Nerdness’ banner. I really enjoyed
building my own blog site so much so I created a second soon after
called ‘Trek1701’, a Star Trek blog. Then I got hit with blogging
fever and I started a 3rd blog called ‘The Cola Dog’, which was a
comic book and animation blog. I shutdown ‘The Cola Dog’ at the end of
May 2012, just because I couldn’t keep up with a weekly blog schedule
for all 3 blogs. But Random Nerdness has been a lot of fun. In March
2012 I made my podcasting debut as a…

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