A Split Second Thing With Monsters

Split-Second-f  While getting ready for tonight’s Podcast “Top 5 Monsters”.  I found myself going back to the classics and ones I grow up on. Not so much the new modern monster movies… One of these movies was Split Second with Rutger Hauer & Kim Cattrall. This movie has been called, “Blade Runner meets Predator meets Lethal Weapon.” The basic over view or plot for the movie goes like this: ” In the year 2008, heavy rainfall has flooded large areas of London. Rookie police officer Dick Durkin (Duncan) is assigned to partner Harley Stone (Hauer), a burnt-out and highly cynical homicide detective who, according to his commanding officer, survives on “anxiety, coffee and chocolate” after being unable to prevent the murder of his partner by a serial killer several years previously. Now however, the murders have begun again and Stone and Durkin are assigned the case. After investigating the scenes of several killings, they appear no closer to identifying the killer, with their only clues being that the murders seem to be linked to the lunar cycle, and that the killer has multiple recombinant DNA strands, having absorbed the DNA of the victims.”


This is one movie I’ve been looking for awhile now. I remember watching it on V/H/S haha yes I know. But I did find a a copy on YouTube, the only thing it’s been edited down. But at least you can get an idea on how the movie is. I would try and find a copy somewhere if you can. This movie found it’s way into the Top 5 on my list  at number 4. Check it out!

Following up at number 3 on my list of Top 5 Monsters. Is!! John Carpenter’s The Thing! This movie come out the year I was born and I didn’t see it later till 88-89. It was AMAZING! I love Kurt Russel and John’s movies. The Thing has everything I want in a horror/monster/scifi movie. hero_EB19820101REVIEWS201010349AR

It seems horror movies were at a golden age in the 80’s and early 90’s. Oh sure there have been a few winner here and there. But now a days everything is been re-booted or some form of remake. I haven’t seen the prequel yet, I’ve been kinda skipping over it lately. Maybe I’ll break down and watch it.tumblr_lvbwg5se9r1qj7u8ao5_500

Movie plot for The Thing: “In the Antarctic, a Norwegian helicopter pursues an Alaskan Malamute to an American research station. Upon landing the helicopter, a Norwegian accidentally drops a thermite charge, destroying the helicopter and killing the pilot. A surviving Norwegian pursues the dog, firing a rifle, until he is killed by Garry, the station commander. The Americans send a helicopter pilot, MacReady, and doctor Copper to the Norwegian camp for answers, but they find a charred ruin. Outside, they discover the burned remains of a humanoid corpse with two faces, which they bring back with them. Biologist Blair performs an autopsy on the corpse, finding a normal set of human internal organs.


The camp dog handler, Clark, kennels the Malamute with the station’s sled dogs, where it metamorphoses and attacks the other dogs. When he hears the commotion, MacReady pulls the fire alarm, and Childs, the station mechanic, incinerates the creature with a flamethrower. Blair’s subsequent autopsy causes him to believe the creature perfectly imitates other life forms. The Norwegians’ records lead the Americans to a buried flying saucer that the station’s geologist, Norris, hypothesizes is likely over 100,000 years old. Blair becomes increasingly suspicious of the others and withdraws, calculating that if the alien escapes to a civilized area, all life on Earth will be assimilated in a few years.”

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