Geek Fallout Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists

thebluecallbox: Geek Fallout Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists GF Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists | Geek Fallout. The podcasters of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast are discussing their Geek/Nerd Bucket Lists. Join Miss M, Erik Johnson, Jason Roberts, Evan Hanson and Chris Gaida as they share their bucket lists, geek news and all the other goodness you have come… Read More Geek Fallout Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists

No. Just No

thebluecallbox: As an artist myself. I have to wonder why this pose was okay….? I mean it’s a full on butt shot. At some point you would think,”hey maybe I should redraw this.” Or at least the inker or editor would stop and ask haha. Oh Batman…. Posted from my Farnsworth View On WordPress