Geek Fallout Ep #110: 2014 Year End Review

Geek Fallout.

Rather than a Top 5 or month by month run down, Host Erik Johnson thought we could to try to run this episode like an awards show. Erik is joined by editor Chris Gaida, MissM and Chris Lockhart. For each category we pick a winner and at least one honorable mention. We go through each person’s choices and give everyone else to offer up corresponding comments.

No News (maybe a certain “Interview” is mentioned) this episode and we also provide a Christmas Report (Brag about Geek Gifts, sickness and funny stories)

The categories are Best Movie, Best Comic Book, Best in TV, Best Treasure (Toy, Collectable, Second Hand Store Find), Fallout Favorites (Best Memories of being on the show), Biggest Letdown, Biggest Anticipation for 2015 and finally ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ (Brief Memorial for Geeky Movers & Shakers)

All the best from the Geek Fallout Podcast & RN/GF Podcast Productions for 2015!!!

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