TableTop DIY Card Holders

So in the beginning of December my girlfriend started making a Tardis Christmas tree topper. While looking up ideas and patterns I found a DIY video by Paul the DIY Guy on how to build a card holder. He also has a lot of other cool ideas and you should check him out.

So after watching the video I thought Id give it a try and build one. Even tho I’ve never built anything like this before. After the video I used the measurements he gave and followed the instructions. But I found that some of the numbers were off  and had to make some quick fixes now that everything was put together.

20141226_161130 20141227_150810 20141228_194915 20141228_194926 20141228_194941 20141229_161327 20141229_203413

These took a few days to do, maybe a little bit longer because I’ve never done this before haha. But once it was all done it could fit any Magic The Gathering card, even big enough to hold Fluxx & Smash UP. For Christmas got Cthulhu Dice, but it didn’t come with any bag or box. So once I was finished with the Tardis I started working a Cthulhu Box 🙂 I think it turned out amazing and it fits the game.

20141230_234246 2015-01-10 09.23.57

So once I finished that one I started working ANOTHER box, only for my girlfriend’s brother this time. Being that her brother is a rather big Pokemon fan, I found my new theme and ran with it. After a little trial and error I worked the idea of taking the Pokemon Ball and turn it into a box. It basically took me 8 hours over two days to make this. It went by so fast haha.

20150111_181451 20150111_231936 20150111_232000

I had to make a custom front for the top, to give it that round button look. I think it turned out rather well and yes her brother enjoyed it :). So right now I want to make more, I’m just trying to come up with ideas. It’s an easy idea/project, it just takes time…. Lots of time haha. The measurements I used goes as follows:

You’ll need some plastic canvas. You can find this at any arts and crafts store. The way you measure is by counting the squares.

You need: TWO 22 x 8 (Front & Back Top Sides), Two 16 x 8 (Sides For The Top), ONE 20 x 26 (Front), ONE 20 x 28 (Back), TWO 14 x 28 (Sides), ONE 20 x 14 (Bottom), One 22 x 16 (Top).

So you can take this and do what you will :D. I know I had fun making them and plan on making more. Both me and my girlfriend were even thinking about opening up an Etsy Store at some point. Because her Tardis came out Amazing-Balls!! Hope you guys enjoyed this and let us know what you think!! Leave comments and ideas below.

20150103_212510 20150104_085622 20150104_085643

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