Earlier today I saw that Simon Pegg will be co-writing the 3rd Star Trek movie with Bad Robot writer Doug Jung who wrote the latest draft of Star Trek 3’s script. There seems to be a lot of changes going with this movie like replacing Roberto Orci with Fast and Furious 6 director Justin Lin. I started having my worries about the flim. I rather enjoyed the last two Star Trek flims and have always been a fan of the Star Trek universe. But there seems to be a lot of problems going on and changes. Faith has been restored with this news about Pegg taking over writing spot for the move! I’ve always love his work, specially with the entire Cornetto Trilogy with Edgar Wrigh. The movie Paul was down right fantastic.. With Pegg being a super geek as well as a comedic timing master, he’ll be a shoo-in for finest banter between the crew as well as any species they may have contact with.


As of right now Star Trek 3 is scheduled for a July 8, 2016. Also with Star Wars around the corner as well, could this be a true Star Trek VS Star Wars battle?