The Red Hood Coming To Gotham??


So the TV show Gotham executive producer Bruno Heller just announced the Red Hood will be coming into the show. He talked with CBR on what the fans can expect. During this interview Heller was asked a question on whether the rest of the season would be costume free.

“That’s a good question. Especially now that we have a pick up, I always take a long-term view of a show. I’m looking at several years. So we’re in no hurry to [do that] — there’s going to be an episode that involves the Red Hood, which picks up that strand, the costume strand, and sort of gives a kind of philosophical base, if that’s not too pretentious a word. Why costumes? What’s the power of costumes? What’s the power of a mask? All of that groundwork will be laid sort of culturally for that side of the DC Universe before we start rolling into the more spectacular spandex type of deal.”


He also stated sense Gotham picked up for a second season, that they’re always looking forward to the future and there is no big hurry to get into costume. From the details it sounds that the Red Hood or at least the character will appear towards the end of the first season. I know that Gotham as mix reviews, mostly with the fans of the Dark Knight. Personally I rather enjoy the show and like what they are trying to do with it. I would say this.. At first I was like many, “How can you have a Batman show with no Batman?”. But I found myself liking the story lines and over all feel for the show. I really like what they are doing with the Penguin and show his rise to power.

**spoiler alert**


For those who don’t know who the Red Hood is… He first appeared in detective comics number $168 titled “The Man Behind The Red Hood” written by Bill Finger. Red Hood was a mastermind criminal & claiming to be a lab worker intended to rob 1 million dollars and retire. While attempting to rob the chemical plant his men were dispatched and was cornered by Batman.  Seeing that there was no escape he jumped into a vat of chemicals and swim to freedom when he came out he realized he was deformed. His hair had turned green, skin became super white and his lips were red. Because of this deformity his sanity broke and later change is primary alias from The Red Hood to the Joker.

Alan Moore wrote an alternative origin for the Red Hood; the man who would become the Joker is portrayed as a former chemical engineer & a struggling stand-up comedian with a pregnant wife. He is approached by the Red Hood gang who wanted him to lead them through the chemical plant he once worked so they can rob the factory next door. He accepts this.. But only to make enough money to start a better life for his family. The gang gives him the Red Hood costume, which has been worn by many men before. This way, they can falsely identify the Red Hood as their leader just case something goes wrong. On the day of the robbery, police inform him that his wife died in a accident. He attempts to back out of the robbery, with no luck. During the robbery, the plant’s security men spot the intruders and shoot the other criminals dead. The engineer tries to flee, but Batman appears and corners him. He jumps off the catwalk into the chemical vat to escape. As in the previous origin story, he goes insane after discovering what the chemicals have done to his face and becomes the Joker.

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