Geek Fallout Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists

GF Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists | Geek Fallout

GF Ep #113: Geek Bucket Lists | Geek Fallout.

The podcasters of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast are discussing their Geek/Nerd Bucket Lists. Join Miss M, Erik Johnson, Jason Roberts, Evan Hanson and Chris Gaida as they share their bucket lists, geek news and all the other goodness you have come to expect from the Geek Fallout podcast!

Like I said in my post about the Top 10 Nerd Thing To Do Before I Die. “But my Top 5 turned into a Top 100… SO… I thought for this post I’d mark it down to the Top 10 and save the last 5 for the Podcast.  So here we go!

10: Visit the grave of Jack Kirby. For those who don’t know who Jack Kirby is. He is a comic book artist, writer and editor regarded by historians and fans as one of the major creators in the comic book world. Jack and Stan Lee also co-created many of Marvel’s characters.”


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