Artist Of The Week: Rocky Davies

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’80s Supervillains 

Created by Rocky Davies

His Bio: “Hello there!  I’m glad you could make it.  I am Rocky Davies and so am I.  Ha, after looking around at my site I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like to do a wide variety of things.  This is true and its worked so far and so I am sticking to it.  I like to let the project define the style that I work in instead of letting my style define the projects I get hired for.  That has allowed me to work in a large range of fields from books to cartoons to video games to t-shirts and so on.

I love variety.  I love switching it up and tackling a new challenge.  If you need an artist that can think on their feet and adapt to nearly any situation, I’m your man.  If on the other hand, you want an art-bot that kicks out preprogrammed homogenized slush, then call Robert Finklebum Art & Linoleum.  They come highly recommended and can treat your rain gutters at the same time.

As a history lesson, I grew up as a product of the 80’s and so the majority of my influences started there.  I grew up watching cartoons, reading comics, collecting toys, playing video games, and drawing, drawing, drawing.  All of that mashes together in my collection of work.  I would fill sketchbooks with all kinds of crazy images since I was able to hold a pencil.  I took all the art classes I could in school and then went on to get a BFA in illustration from BYU in 2003.”

Check out his website and other links below!

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