4 thoughts on “The Doctor

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard this argument too and was like, “have you never watched Dr. Who?” Capaldi even states that he grew up with the 2nd or 3rd Doctor (can’t remember which at the moment), who were much older and even a young Doctor didn’t occur until Peter Davidson (who was beaten out by son in law David Tennant and then Matt Smith).

    All of that I just said? Learned it from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, which is streaming on Hulu (saw them before they were there). Once again, the Internet has provided information of which people haven’t bothered to check >.<

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    1. THANK YOU! I really couldn’t have said it better myself hahaha. I love David, I really could get into the Matt tho. I still watched it and liked it. But I alway thought he was to child like. I love Capaldi as the Doctor. Also Missy is just cool 🙂


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