GOODWILL HUNTING 4 GEEKS: A Whole New Bin of Awesome Pt. 3: Closing the Lid.

“So we’re finally hitting the bottom of the Newest Bin of Awesome Stuff to have entered my life this past summer. This last post in the series of three (find part One here and part Two here) will be a sort of random mish-mash that makes up the final pile of stuff. There’s a lot of junk in this post, but there are some legitimate awesome finds as well.

I will also finally reveal the toy that caused me to desperately WANT this bin upon seeing it, and finally deciding that paying 25 dollars for the whole lot was a deal I would be CRAZY to pass up… but more on that later.”

If you have a few moments or even a few hours. I suggest you check out GOODWILL HUNTING 4 GEEKS!!