Pi Day at OMSI


So my kid’s school wasn’t doing a science fair again this year sadly. But another school in the city was put one on that was open to the public. But sadly that one was all booked up and the kids weren’t able to go.
Then it hit me. It’ll be Pi Day on Saturday(3/14/2015) and we’re only an hour away from OMSI! We didn’t tell the kids where we were going and we also didn’t tell them that we weren’t going to the other school like we said we would. So we made the whole day a surprise! Needless to say they had fun and fun with science!


I’ve been making it a point to teach them science and the importance of it. Showing them it can be fun and help them have a better understanding on the elements around them. I was so happy to Lilly’s (my oldest) school do an Science Fair in 2014 ( Here is the video).

Just a few months before that, there was an dinosaurs exhibit that we took them to.

So I was looking forward to this year. But sadly, like is said before… I found that the school wasn’t putting on a Fair again. But in the end everything worked out and the kids had a supernova of a good time! As did myself :). It’s always fun to watch them go crazy over things like this. At any rate, hope you enjoyed and happy late Pi Day!!


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