Comic Book Trivia Of The Day

So it just dawned on me.. I skipped 9… It knows what it did.

So I think from this point on I’m not going to number them anymore. I think it’ll be easier to do in the long run of things. ANYWHO! On with yesterdays trivia answers.


Question 1: What Iron Man adversary derives his power from 10 power rings?

The Mandarin

Question 2: At different times Ned Leeds, Rodrick Kingsley, and Jason Macendale have all assumed the mantle of what Spider-Man nemesis?

 The Hobgoblin


So now with today’s questions!


Question 1: What government agent slows his aging process by taking the Infinity Formula?

Question 2: What is the name Asgardians give to the events that will lead to the end of the world?


Leave your answers in the comment section and I’ll post the answers tomorrow. As well as some new trivia!

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