GOODWILL HUNTING 4 GEEKS: Father’s Day Flea Market Finds: GEEKING OUT!!!.

“Welcome to Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks! This is the blog where I talk about geeky stuff I’ve picked up secondhand and then wax poetic about nostalgia or the pure love I have for purely ridiculous things. This post will be no different than most, as I have some pretty exciting stuff to talk about.

And timely as ever, I would like to talk about Fathers’ Day… FROM LAST YEAR. Yes that’s right folks… I am just finally getting around to blogging some stuff I picked up very nearly a whole year ago.

For Fathers’ Day last year, my wife took me out on a shopping spree. We hit some Goodwills, and a few other places on our way out to a town called Rockland here in Maine.”