Love Letter To Podcasts & Hate Mail For Howard Stern

So earlier this morning I found a tweet stating:

What the hell!? Like I stated in some of my tweets…. I use to admire the man for he did for radio and push the envelope on a flawed rating system. The once “king” of shock radio I fear as become a, for lack of a better word… A FOSSIL… There is a video showing him going off about podcasters and that they are losers trying to make money or show no one listens to, by living in their parents basement…. Basically calling us the wretched hive of scum from Mos Eisley Spaceport. By him going off on his little tantrum, Mister Stern showed that it is all about the dollar than the quality.. But using the term quality with Mister Stern is being nice, in fact over the few decades Stern has become more like the Jerry Springer show (Sorry Jerry). The same format over and over again, saying whatever to make people mad. Which is rather funny seeings how I’m going off on him right now.. Job accomplish there Mister Stern *slow hand clap*…

tumblrmaq58wdimd1rvdBut I think what really grinds my gears is the fact he going off the people who he helped make. In the beginning Stern fought for the fight of free speech, the freedom to discuss whatever he wanted to on radio. That is what podcasters are doing. That is what we are. Using our freedom to talk about whatever we see fit and create something that people will find enjoyable. Oh should getting paid for podcasting would be nice.. But that isn’t the point of what we do. At least the podcast I’m working on! Personally it’s about a group of friends getting together and talking about topics, fandoms or events that are important to us. Talking about our weird habits/hobbies in hopes of showing someone(a listener) that they are not the only ones with the same fandoms. That they shouldn’t be scared to be themselves and shouldn’t care what other people think. The fact that Stern went out and called everyone who podcasts is a loser is mind blowing. Stern as stated in his book, movie and even in his radio show. That he long history of being called a “loser”, “no talent”, “you suck”, “that he’ll never make it as a disc jockey.”… But yet turns around and does this.. I think the word is I’m looking for is hypocrite… I believe the man has forgotten where he came from, what he did to fight the system, sadly to only become part of the system in the end.

It seems that most of his shows are nothing but hate on this. Hate on that. Hate on them…. He has become, what people of the interwebs like to call a TROLL. Oh sure there are times where we are on a podcast and we discus things we are not fans of. But we don’t sit there and bash it for no reason. We at least give reasons to why we are not fans/followers of certain fandoms. We’re not making fun of a group of people and life style! With Mister Stern the hatred comes off as something that is cool to do. Let see how many people can we set off by doing this. All in the name ratings and money…… When making jokes or some form of comedy on Stern’s show is mostly at someone else expense. Mocking, bellittle, tearing down and form of one’s character all in hopes of getting a laugh.. Really!?

With the podcasts that I’m apart of, we are a family unit. We come from different backgrounds, we have different tastes & different ideas. But we all find a common core and the laughter, humor, heartache all comes from a real place with passion. We don’t do this for money, ratings. We do this because it makes us happy in sharing what we have in knowledge or hobbies. If we happen to pick up a new listener or help someone come out of their shell so to speak, then GREAT!! That is why we do the podcasts we do. No more, no less.

So with that… I’ll step off my soapbox.

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