Eclectic Mayhem Podcast *UPDATE*

Eclectic Mayhem Podcast

News & Updates for everyone!!

So by this time we had hope to get our first podcasting episode out by now. But do to a technical problem it only recorded about 14 minutes of the two hour and half podcast…… Well I should say it only recorded 10 minutes of usable audio and 4 minutes of choppy static and dead silence for the next few hours. I really don’t know what caused this to happen. The only thing I can think of that might have effect if more than one call is made over Skype and the recorder freaks out. BUT! Moving forward and learning for our mistakes, I found a new recording program that works really well. Plus we’ll take breaks in between cuts to make sure everything is recording correctly. Well you the listener wouldn’t know this or hear, this is mostly for editor’s note haha.

So this Thursday we are RE-RECORDING  our first episode for the Eclectic Mayhem Podcast!! Then we should have it uploaded by this weekend and all the goodies! The roster for Eclectic Mayhem is:

Derek Ash: Website: Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks, Twitter: @TheGoodwillGeek

Miss M: Website: Dairy of a Dorkette, Twitter: @DorketteTweets

Brain Farrell: Website: Pop Pop..! It’s Trash Culture, Twitter: @ItsTrashCulture

Jason Bucky Roberts: Website: Nerdy Life Of Mine, Twitter: @iRoberts3

This will be our main line up with a special guest every so often. Also maybe a few interviews here and there, mostly it’s just be eclectic mayhem fun all around. If you are looking for more information about Eclectic Mayhem you can check us out at these social site:


Twitter: EclecticMayhem4

Instagram: eclectic_mayhem_podcast

If you want to get a hold of us, our email is Outlook:

Again thank you all for being followers/listeners on both Eclectic Mayhem Podcast and also the Geek Fallout Podcast!! We’ll keep you posted on what new News comes up.

~Eclectic Mayhem Team

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