Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm……

I’m still not to should where I stand on this game. I’ve always enjoyed everything Blizzard has put out, Diablo 1-3, WoW/WarCraft 1-3, StarCraft 1-2. I even found myself REALLY enjoying Hearthstone. But when I saw previews about this game Heroes of the Storm… I had mixed feelings about it. It came as another Mortal Kombat or Capcon VS Marvel(great game) style fighting game.

marvel_vs_capcom_wallpaper_5I was a little shocked to see it as a top view Warcaft style game. But you don’t build a base or men for that matter. You go head to head in a WoW style BG.. It’s fun all around and all your favorite characters from Diablo, StarCraft and WarCraft are in it. The graphics need some work, being in a beta it’s understandable. Some things are a little buggy and not as smooth flowing as it should be. There is one things that is bugging me tho…. Diablo… He looks more like the classic Diablo than new current one. Even in the trailer it show Diablo as the new one.

So you go from this…

Diablo_Diablo_III_full_body To this…..

a9d9eb8c6ae2896734f4fbb14749276bThen you make Diablo ride a mount.





Yeah…Nothing about this looks right at all. Not everyone needs to ride a mount! But over all it’s a game worth playing and you do have some cool powers & you can get different skins for your toon. I am wondering what the final game will look like tho. At any rate here is a little video of the gameplay of on my run in Heroes of the Storm. Enjoy!




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