ECLECTIC MAYHEM PODCAST !!!EPISODE 1: Eclectic Meet-and-Greet!!!

Episode 1: Eclectic Meet-and-Greet

This is not a joke! Not an April Fool’s prank! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tale! Welcome to the premiere episode of Eclectic Mayhem.

Episode 1: Eclectic Meet-and-Greet.

Eclectic Mayhem is not your Grampa’s pop-culture podcast. We’re out to ask the WEIRD questions and look at the topics the MAN don’t want us to talk about! Like… Critters vs. Gremlins? Or why Tom Cruise? Why? Join the revolution! Join Eclectic Mayhem! Like I have said be for in a few of my posts. But this podcast/project has been a labor love for all of us here at Eclectic Mayhem. We hope you enjoy the show! We will have our iTunes shop up and running soon, so keep an eye out. Again here is a list of place you can find us!



Twitter: EclecticMayhem4

Instagram: eclectic_mayhem_podcast

If you want to get a hold of us, our email is Outlook:


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