Nerdy Life Of Mine Was Hacked


So the other day I opened up my WordPress app to check on the status & numbers of the blog/website. When it asked for my password. Odd I thought… The WordPress app did have an update not that long ago, so I didn’t think much of it. Entered my password…. Error: wrong password!? Tried again. Error: wrong password! At this point I’m starting to get a little worried.
I jumped on my desktop and found I’m having the same problems. So I had to change the password. Once I was able to login, I find everything was moved around, deleted & most of the html code was rewritten! Luckily there really isn’t any personal information to leak. So if there were any spam messages or posts (which I haven’t seen any.) From Nerdy Life Of Mine or my email I’m sorry about that and I’m working hard it fix everything. I’m sending a report to WordPress the company I source from about this event. Luckily I kept a copy of the html code in a word doc, so I was able to change most of everything back to normal. I’m still fixing the menus buttons at this time. So please forgive if there are broken links or pages :(.
So there isn’t going to be any new post for a couple of weeks or week (hopefully) till this matter is fixed and the site if fully operational (yes a Star Wars reference). Also there might be some changes to the site and some of the stories/posts might disappear and sorry for that. Again sorry if you got any spam messages from the site or and thank you for your understanding and support in this most annoying troll hacker effort.
It really still leaves me in bewilderment on why someone would go through the effort in hacking into a site like mine? Really? What can you possibly gain? Besides ruin someone’s day or week. There is like NO personal information to steal. Even if they got a list of emails, they would still have to go through the email carriers security check points to get into them. If they are anything like Gmail or Yahoo that’ll be a little hard to do. Grrrr I’m just beyond annoyed. Again sorry if you got any spam messages from the site or and thank you for your understanding and support.
– Jason Bucky Roberts

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2 Replies to “Nerdy Life Of Mine Was Hacked”

  1. Holy shit snacks, Pam! Kidding. Well, about that, but not about this. You’re the second person I know who’s had their WP site hacked, which of course makes me worried about my sites.


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