So after talking with WordPress about my problem with my website. They have found that there is a bug in their system. That would cause most or all of the links, HTML code, picture and or video to delete. But they couldn’t find any causes to why my password would change and my security settings would be completely changed. As of right now they are still looking into this issue.

So now that I have reset the security and changed password. As well as fixed all the HTML code. I have my website back to where it should be!! YAY!!

So with that everything should continue as normal 🙂 I’m still scratching head by this event. Yes I get bugs happen from time to time. But for someone to spend their time messing everything up on someone’s work is nuts to me. What information could you get from a site like mine?  Aside from email address, not to much hahaha.

But everything is fixed now and it’s time to move forward!