So This Is A Thing: Butt Covers For Your Pets……

Yes you read that right in the title. Someone went through and made butt covers cats and dogs in a effort to reduce homosexuality in pets and it claims to reduces it by 43%. I’m really at a loss for words. The fine folks at made this post just looking at the picture they have shows this girl lying next to her dog giving a thumbs-up next to her, the dog’s backside facing the picture and has a daisy sticker covering it’s butt.

The statement that this post makes goes as follows… Cats & dog   have a sickening fascination and exploding their backsides. They’re animals that’s how they get to know each other. Specially dogs… But then it goes into saying that dogs love to do yoga opposes at the most inappropriate moments? Then they also state that the cats were even worse, walking up to the owners and display the kitty butt in the morning…. And a few more paragraphs continue on how pets use their orifices & start suspecting that animals have suspicious acts of homosexuality. The person who wrote this said that he has several hunting dogs and they thought they were Christian. He thought that they were Christian.. Wonder if he realizes that pets have no concept of government and religion. Then he continues on with the story how he came home one day found one dog, a male dog giving his other male dog the business in the backside quote unquote. He states he couldn’t believe his eyes and was crying, he took them to the vet and had them completely castrated. Had them castrated

He also states of the vet told him that it’s normal for dogs smell each others glance to say hello. I kid you not, I wish I it was making this up, this guy tells the vet…. “You cannot have hello without HELL, so let us just stop these dogs from gaying each other’s behinds before all dogs don’t go to heaven.” WTF? He goes on to say that his story is so tragic that he sure that many of us other pet owners have caught your animals doing all sorts of sick things, which makes this technologically vital? I have no idea what that means. He states also the paragraph in one of those covers up the gay causing scent glands that pets have to keep them from being so fascinated with their “stinky spots”.

In also in effort to sell is a weird little sticker product to you. He also states that it helps keeps rabbits from dallying your cats and also helps keeps animals for doing horny gay in the heat poses in front of guests.. And then in the about author section he writes, “if you don’t like what you just read you can get out of my country. Now how about a smart aleck. Follow me on twitter. Poke As your new friend on Facebook.” If you’re curious about reading this article for yourself here is a link for:

Also if you like to look up this author who wrote this gem, his named Abe Goodman and here is the link to his Facebook:

Upon further reading on the website of in what is called the mission section this was written: “Dear friends, we are living in cruel days. Evil hours. Yes, these are certainly dark times and it’s time for the moral majority to once again step forward to bring freedom and liberty to the world.
Our culture was built on the guiding principles of conservatism and Christianity, from which all morality is born. As such American heritage was meant to be passed on from generation to generation, ensuring that our principles…our values…were never compromised.

But alas, the Left Wing Conspiracy and Liberal Agenda is spreading like a plague not only through our fine society, but through lesser cultures as well. Their sinful antics and attempt to pass off their wanton carnal desires into mainstream culture is destroying society and mankind.
That’s where we come in. Together, in this community, you and your Moral Leaders will combat the evil liberals of this world and once again ensure that a bit of freedom and righteousness once again permeates every country, and let those who don’t abide by our teachings know the eternal pit of hellfire shall be awaiting!
Jack Gould Youth Pastor/Motivational Speaker
Langley CC”

I really have to share this picture of a girl who has a sticker on the dogs butt so enjoy this picture! This whole thing just leaves me scratching my head. I really hope it’s a joke but I kind of doubt it because there is a lot of effort in this website. I think it’s true… I won’t be surprised about was. Also the butt covers cost 5.00 bucks a pop… On Esty…


2 thoughts on “So This Is A Thing: Butt Covers For Your Pets……

  1. freelancer66r

    Wow. The gay agenda is at it again! First people and now animals. I mean, what’s next? Our food? OMG, you know what, the other day I thought my fries were a little too close to each other, you know?

    And I’m getting a little suspicious of my electronics. I think my laptop may be attracted to my desktop. I don’t have proof, mind, but…

    Okay, even I can’t keep this up cause this is ridiculous. Gay animals. Yeah. I won’t lie…I’m just waiting for someone to say that our food is turning gay too. Just waiting for it.

    Liked by 1 person

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