Comic Book Trivia Of The Day

So I just wanted to say I was sorry for taking so long with the trivia questions. Between fixing my site and podcasts, as well job stuff. Kinda slacked off a little bit. Anywho!! On with the TRIVIA!


Question 1: With what villain did the Punisher work during his first Marvel Comic appearance?

A:) The Jackal

B:) Norman Osborn

C:) Bullseye

Question 2: Nova and Star-Lord become trapped in the Cancerverse with what Marvel villain?

A:) Annihlus

B:) Nebula

C:) Thanos


So now with today’s questions!

Question 1: Who becomes the government operative known as Agent Venom?

A:) Eddie Brock

B:) Harry Osborn

C:) Flash Thompson

Question 2: What is the secret identity of the hero Iron Fist?

A:) Henry Muller

B:) Danny Rand

C:) Paul Potter

Leave your answers in the comment section and I’ll post the answers. As well as some new trivia!

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