Misogyny at its worst.

So, I have mentioned about my favorite YouTube personality, Shane Dawson, many times. He does many collaborations with his friend (and fellow YouTuber) Drew Monson. At the end of Drew’s video Shane joking says he’s a “meninist”. For those who don’t know what that term is, it’s a dumb-downed word for those who don’t know the word “Misogyny”. That started an interesting thread in the comments. I was reading through them and laughing at all the people who believed him. Then there is that one guy who is overly-privileged and knows it. That one guy who believes using the word R word several times justifies everything he says. I replied to his comment and after a couple comments back and fourth he said this:CEY_MiQUEAA8Vj_

And this was my response that actually made him shut up and he never responded after this:

“First of all, you are missing the point you overly-privileged-white-man. Second of all, the women who hate men are called Misandrists (misandry is the hatred of men). Feminism has no relation of that [anymore]. Don’t go off on an unrelated tangent about Nazis and [the KKK], those were horrible things in history that shouldn’t be compared to something that is for women’s rights. Feminism fought for the right to vote, Feminism fought for women to get actual jobs, Feminism fought for women to join the Military, hell, Feminism fought for women to work in Congress and other Governmental jobs. Now we have a woman running for Office. 
So please, continue telling me Feminism is so ‘toxic’ when you are thinking of misandry and how women are not oppressed and how calling someone a “retard” several times justifies anything you have said before.Tell me how you, an overly-privileged-white-man, are right and how every person (men, women, and all other genders) who are Feminists are the wrong ones.”

I feel proud for getting the last word.

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