The Amish Were Right About Star Trek

So much has been going on the last week. Plus not having internet for that week didn’t help any haha. But I got a new job and that has been eating up a lot of my time, because we’re starting for the ground up and I’m helping train everyone as well. Aside from that I’m balance my podcasting schedule as well and coming up with new topics for Geek Fallout and Eclectic Mayhem. So I have a feeling somethings might have to change, but I won’t know till next week.

Now we do have  a Eclectic Mayhem podcast coming up this weekend and the theme kinda is Robots (here is the post for the NEW Eclectic Mayhem)  and anything else we see fit haha. Also have a Geek Fallout podcast coming up on Monday and I think we’ll be going over Stargate some more! As for Nerdy Life Of Mine I haven’t been here for the past week or so, do to lack of internet and time. I do have lots to update on and post. Kinda have a stock pile to go over. But India (my sister) has been posting here and there, keeping things going :).


So the other day in the morning I got this little package in the mail labeled “TrekFan” There I followed Emmett Plant @EmmettPlant on Twitter and join the club on his site. But The pack looked like this:


Inside was a set of 1993 SkyBox Master Series Star Trek trading Cards. Need I say more? A rather cool way to start off the day haha. The cards I got were Reaching Out To Picard, Praxis Explodes, In The Mind Of V’ger, Lieutenant Wolf, and The Bolians… Plus a checklist, because those are important haha.

unnamedSo thank you to Emmett Plant @EmmettPlant & “TrekFan” for the random little gift!


Anywho! I’ll be posting a new schedule of things to come. I really don’t think NLOM will be affected by the change, but the podcasts times might. Wouldn’t know for sure till next week. Beside it’ll be my and Carly’s 2 year anniversary next week as well. So it might be quite again next week :).

But if you haven’t downloaded or listen to our latest podcast from Eclectic Mayhem, check it out:

Eclectic Mayhem Episode 2: Never Feed Us After Midnight


And for more Eclectic Mayhem, you can find us on:


Twitter: @eclecticmayhem4

Instagram: @eclectic_mayhem_podcast

And you can always reach us directly at:

Also Check out Geek Fallout:

Geek Fallout » Blog Archive » GF Ep #128: Star Wars Swinging & Swapping.

With Derek Ash hosting, Chris Gaida producing and with podcasters Evan Hanson and MissM the crew of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast delve into the topic of: ‘Redoing Star Wars with other pop culture characters’

(personally I always wanted to see ‘Magnum PI’ replace ‘Han Solo’ with ‘Harry’ from “Harry and the Hendersons” as Chewbacca. Jessica Fletcher as ‘Mon Mothma’, Justin Bieber as ‘Greedo’…the possibilities are endless…)
And yes you read the title right! The Amish Were Right About Star Trek… This bring an important question, would there be any Amish in the Star Trek universe?
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