Oh My…….

So with my crazy work hours and normal everyday day. I have found some time to post a few little updates! YAY!!

So a couple of weeks ago, I have stepped back from Geek Fallout Podcast as a editor/Host. I’ll act as a guest spot from time to time. Hopefully once I have a under control I might come back to GF to pick up my editor job. With my new job it’s becoming harder and harder for me to to sit down and work on the GF. I’m finding that my editing times are slipping and I’ve starting to feel really bad about holding up the podcast. I would still to be a guest spot or a “fill in” host for anyone or if someone is really in a pickle about editing, I wouldn’t mind helping out.. I just can’t keep up with my regular editing/hosting duties. I feel bad for Chris L. because I know he wanted to take a step back from a lot of this and I’m sorry.

Aside from this update from myself Chris Lockhart from Geek Fallout has updated the everything and said this:

” Just to let you all know I am going to be adding GF: The Comic Book Episodes and Trek1701 to the main ‘Geek Fallout’ feed on Podbean (which will be reflected on iTunes and stitcher). Then I will (probably) be renaming the GF feed as ‘Geek Fallout Productions’ (instead of RN/GF Podcast Productions). The episode numbering will remain the same and hopefully increase exposure for all the podcasts. Also economically it makes sense as it will be less money out of my pocket overall. This change will take place over the coming weeks, I will keep you all updated as to what happens. Thanks everyone!

– Chris”

So the website will be changing and I’ll post those changes once everything is ready.

Now as for Eclectic Mayhem Podcast! Everything is rolling forward as normal. We have two EPS that are finished and will be posting them soon. One being the much talked about Robot eps (which I did on pain meds do to my back giving me issues.) Hopefully you like it. It really seemed all over the place HAHAHA! After that we’ll be doing our Saturday Morning Cartoons EPS!!! A fantastic and one of my favorite podcast so far.

THEN! we will have our next podcast with a special guest Stacey Rader of Aventures of a Geeky Vixen Blog. Podcast will be called The Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtape Extravaganza Episode… Or something of the nature.. Derek Ash will be hosting this podcast and he has made a few rules based around Stacey’s blog post (https://geekyvixen.wordpress.com/2014/08/25/the-emotional-depth-of-the-awesome-mix/).

To sum up Stacey, (with some details of Derek’s own mind) the rules of the GotG Soundtrack seem to fit the following:

1. Music must be from the late sixties to seventies (In my imagination, songs from the VERY early 80’s… like 1980-1981 MIGHT fit if they sound right)
2. Songs must comment on Peter’s mother, father, or Peter’s relationship to one or both of them, somehow. The fact that Peter’s mom loves Peter’s dad and wants him to return… The fact that Peter and his father don’t know each other… The love between them all… The special nature of Peter’s father, being an alien, etc.
3. In a lot of cases, the songs must be able to serve a double purpose of commenting on a scene in an action/comedy/sci-fi/superhero epic. David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” works really well in this respect, being our introduction to Knowhere but the scene where Peter challenges Ronan to a dance of to “O-O-H Child” suitable for its message of hope and comedic contrast. Basically you have to be able to justify the song with a scene that fits it somehow.
4. The songs have to be listenable. They can’t be awful.

So we’ll pick out three songs that we like and explain why. We’ll also be going over Mixtapes in general & our feelings/relationships with them. History, school, friends and family. Personally I can NOT wait till this podcast. It’s going to be FANTASTIC(as the great 9th Doctor once said!!!).

I’m also working on Nerdy Life Of Mine with a few massive changes in looks and functionality. I might be changing on who writes on this blog.. In the end it might be just myself. It’s been a busy year for myself and with lots of changes a foot. I really need to re-think everything and organize everything :).

So thank you all for following and reading!! Means so much!

~Jason Roberts




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