Eclectic Mayhem Podcast Eps 3: Robo Armageddon!

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J5 and SicoWhat would happen if Skynet built Johnny 5? Is Benny the Cab a robot? Or which is the worst robot ever: Val Com 17485 or Box? What about Torg or Mudflap and Skids?

These are the questions that come up in this podcast! We also have a debate over the Go-Bots being the “Poor-Man’s Transformers”… enjoy the show!!

Like I posted before: HERE is the robot podcast!! So for our next podcast on EMP, we’ll be going around a theme of robots. Kinda like who is your favorite all time robot or who is the most evil robot out there? OR if you get stuck on a island and had to pick one robot to be stuck with, who would you pick? Who would win in a fight: Johnny 5 or Sico(the Rocky IV robot)? You know, the important questions. OOOOOOO! Or if you can build your own robot what would it have and look like? Oh I’m sure there will be random bunny trails and off topic conversations happening. But that is the beauty of this podcast, it doesn’t matter what we are talking about. Anything goes! Read More @ Eclectic Mayhem Podcast

After the Robot eps we will have our Saturday Morning Cartoons EPS!!! A fantastic and one of my favorite podcast so far. I posted an update a few days ago about this @ Oh My…. Please feel free to read on and listen to the ear bleeding good time that is Eclectic Mayhem Podcast!

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